Electric Car Warranties


The Modern Popularity of Electric Cars

Electric cars are much more widely used today than they have been in the past. Environmentalism has become more common around the world, and the environmental costs of emissions from cars are widely known today. Many people are investing in electric and hybrid cars. Many hybrid and electric cars are becoming more affordable for a larger portion of the population, making them viable options for motorists that are considering upgrading their vehicles. Motorists can also save on gas by using electric cars, making them a good investment in terms of other normal vehicle expenses. Financial concerns are more common today than ever before, and they coincide very well with basic environmental issues and concern.

New Battery Warranty for Electric Cars

Since electric cars now sell better than they used to, auto manufacturers can introduce new types of vehicle and extended vehicle warranties. When electric cars were more of a niche interest, people had less of a reason to expect a car warranty like the new battery warranty, since it would be less cost-effective for most auto manufacturers to provide something like that. To a certain extent, this warranty is an extension of an existing and general auto warranty, but it’s more tailored to the needs of electric cars.

Nissan is one of the auto manufacturers that is taking into account some of the challenges inherent in owning an electric car. Electric cars can experience problems with their batteries. The new car warranty requires Nissan to fix a motorist’s car battery or replace it altogether. The battery covers a span of sixty thousand miles or five years. The auto warranty applies if the charge capacity of the battery in question decreases by thirty percent or more, which is a very real possibility with many electric cars.

All motorists that purchase electric cars will have to understand that the capacity of new batteries will never last as long as the cars themselves will last. Anyone that’s ever owned a laptop computer for a while knows that laptops almost inevitably seem to have trouble holding charges as they age. When motorists get their batteries repaired using their warranties, the capacity will be brought up to nine bars, and probably no more than that. However, for many motorists, having a battery capacity in that range will suffice. The battery gauge is for twelve bars to begin with, so it isn’t an enormous difference.

Electric car warranty

Battery Warranty Ramifications

As a result of the new battery warranty, it’s possible that many new motorists may want to purchase electric cars. Many motorists are wary of purchasing electric cars because they worry about problems with the battery, since it may mean that the electric cars will not be as reliable as more conventional automobiles. Many auto warranty reviews and car warranty reviews suggest that people are more likely to purchase new cars if they feel as if they’re taking less of a risk in the process, so these new battery warranties could help companies that manufacture electric cars.