Why You Need A Construction Staple Gun


Whether you are a homeowner that likes to tackle do it yourself projects or a you are a novice carpenter, you already know how important it is to have the right tools to complete your projects. One of the most useful tools that you can have in your tool arsenal is a stapler for construction. Construction Staple guns can be used to complete projects that are made out of a variety of different materials. Here are some reasons Why Purchase a Construction Stapler, and how to go about choosing one.

Home Repairs or Renovations

If you are planning on doing any type of home improvement project or perhaps you are thinking about renovating your home, you would appreciate the speed and the versatility of a construction stapler. These handy gadgets can be used to install flooring, drywall and carpeting. They can also be used to complete projects where materials like stone, metal and wood are used.

Types of Staple Guns

Construction StaplerThere are three different types of construction staple guns. Manual guns are best used for small projects around the home. This particular style of gun is available in several styles, and are reasonably priced. Manual staple guns work best when they are used for small projects. This type of gun has a handle that has to be manually squeezed in order to insert a staple. This requires a lot of hand strength. Projects most suited for this type of gun include: the installation of door or window screens, fabric tacking, small upholstery repairs and home decorating tasks.

Electric construction staple guns are either powered by electricity, or they are operated by a battery. This type of gun works well if you have a larger project that you need to complete. If you are elderly, or you have some issues with manual dexterity, another reason Why Purchase a Construction Stapler is because of how easy it is to use. Electric guns are activated by triggers that require a small amount of pressure.

Pneumatic staple guns are best suited for heavy duty jobs. These guns are powerful, and have the precision and the speed necessary to complete heavy duty projects. A pneumatic stapler is a great choice if you are a professional or a handyman.

Which One to Choose

You should be thinking about several things when choosing your staple gun. Think about which type you will feel the most comfortable using. Perhaps you are looking for a gun that will allow you greater control in terms of how it releases the staple. Or perhaps you are experienced in the use of power tools, and you desire something that will allow for accuracy and speed. Take your time, visit your local hardware store, test the different models of staple guns and think about what you will use your gun for, and how comfortable you are when you handle the tool.